Kluby Gazety Polskiej representatives at Ft. Pulaski N.M.

Kluby Gazety Polskiej representatives at Battlefield Park. 

  The 2021 ceremony was cancelled due to the effects of the COVID 19 virus to get necessary city permits. The 2 markers scheduled to be dedicated this year, honoring Col. Mihaly Kovacs and Lt. Karol Litomski, were installed, however their dedication is delayed until 2022 

  The Kluby Gazety Polskiej - NA (KGP) (Gazeta Polska Clubs - North America) headed by Mrs. Aneta Antoniak, planned a conference in Savannah in conjunction with the Battle of Savannah ceremonies. Mr. Adrian Kubicki, General Counsel of the Republic of Poland in New York accompanied the group. Though the official ceremonies were cancelled, the KGP still held their conference (live streamed to Warsaw, Poland) as originally scheduled. They also visited Battlefield Park, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and Ft. Pulaski National Monument. Edward Krolikowski, dressed as Gen. Pulaski, hosted the KGP members at Battlefield Park where members conducted their own private ceremony. In addition, the group visited Ft. Pulaski where they were greeted by Ranger Jamie Niles and a special tour of the fort was given in Polish by Edward Krolikowski (in uniform).  

  Though the ceremonies at Battlefield Park were cancelled, the organization's dinner was still held at the Savannah Southbridge Golf Club, hosting KGP members as well as representatives of the American Council of Polish Culture (ACPC) and the Coastal Heritage Society.