On October 9, 2018, the Savannah General Pulaski Committee, in conjunction with the Coastal Hreritage Society, celebrated the dedication of a granite marker at the Battle of Savannah Park. This year the marker was dedicated to the nation of Great Britain, our adversary in the American Revolutionary War. This marker was funded by Mr. Ray Okonski, who also was a guest speaker along with other participating organizations. Wreaths sponsored by Mr. Ray Okonski (Mrs. Camille Krolikowski), the Poles in America Foundation (Mr. Bruce Trimbur), and the Savannah General Pulaski Committee (Mrs. Camille Krolikowski) amongst others, were laid at the battlefield site.

 This year, the program for firing the musket salute was done in three languages, Polish, French and English, to mimic the actual situation in the Battle of Savannah in 1779. Edward Krolikowski, dressed as Gen. Pulaski, used sword movements as well as oral commands in Polish to lead the historic recreators. Aaron Bradford translated the Polish commands into French, then the commands were translated down into English for the soldiers.  This is the first time that the Polish language was used in a public celebration in the state of Georgia since October 1929 by Maj. Franciszek PuĊ‚aski here in Savannah. Several attendees quickly picked up on this feature and were very impressed with the program's authenticity.